What is Social Emotional Learning? (SEL)

It is the way that children learn to establish and maintain friendships. It is how a child understands his or her emotions. It is creating healthy ways for children to express themselves and set goals for themselves. It is the understanding of empathy and feeling for others. It is being responsible and reliable. It is creating healthy habits. Social Emotional Learning, also known as SEL, is one of the most important topics that we as parents and educators need to be addressing.

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Benefits of SEL

By providing our children with tools that discuss important topics such as self-love and self-acceptance, we are creating healthy mindsets for our children and students to grow and develop. Creating a comfort level towards conversations of personal growth will allow our children to develop into young adults who are self aware and comfortable in who they are. This will in turn help them live a mindful and meaningful life.

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Implementing SEL

How do you implement a Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Be honest with your answers and speak from the heart. Whether you are five, twenty, fifty, or one hundred years old ... life is still the same. It is about learning and growing, changing for the better and creating and living with a healthy mindset. We put so much emphasis on Academics that the Social Emotional knowledge gets pushed to the side. It is time to prioritize our children's emotional and physical needs.

In each of The Be Books you will find bonus pages at the back of the book. These pages are intended to make it easy for you to discuss difficult topics in a simplistic way. I am providing you with word for word questions to have open and honest conversations with your children and students. Getting the conversations flowing, creating a comfort in talking openly about our feelings, and creating a healthy environment is the key to a successful and honest life.

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