Benefits of Reading Social Emotional Learning Picture Books

Benefits of Reading Social Emotional Learning Picture Books

You may be asking yourself, What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Let's start with that! We often talk about academics and what our children are learning in school. Teachers use rubrics to understand what their students' knowledge is within many different subjects. They use assessments and teach based on curriculums that meet state standards. 

But what if we not only focused on academics and knowledge ... but also focused on our children's social emotional well-being?! Can you image the world we would live in if we put as much focus on that as we do on academics?!

So back to your question: What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social Emotional Learning, also known as: SEL, is the process of becoming self-aware, learning social skills, and learning how to have healthy relationships with yourself and others. It is the focus on the emotional and physical sides to learning, such as learning to create healthy goals and habits, learning to regulate your emotions and actions in a healthy way, and learning to show empathy and compassion for yourself and others.

What are the benefits of reading books that prioritize SEL?

By using content that supports your child's social emotional well-being, you are encouraging and supporting your children on their journey of creating healthy habits that will follow them through to adulthood. They are acquiring the skills and habits that will create a healthy mindset and healthy life. When we discuss these important topics with our children, we help to build an emotional knowledge in addition to their academic knowledge. When we discuss such important topics such as healthy relationships, decision making, managing emotions, creating goals, empathy towards self and others, and discussing self-worth ... we are helping to create mindful, happy, kind, accepting, and positive people.




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