Request a School Visit

Are you ready to spread the message of positivity, kindness, confidence, love and acceptance at YOUR school? Lauren Grabois Fischer caters her school visits to each age group:

Includes a book reading, presentation, lesson focused around kindness, positivity,
and being a good person, and interactive activity for school to keep and put on display

Includes a book reading, powerpoint presentation, lesson focused around kindness, positivity, and being a good person, interactive inspirational activity, followed by a discussion about doing our part in this world.

* Currently, In person school visits are available for local schools only. 
* Virtual Visits Currently Available Worldwide

How much does it cost to have Lauren Grabois Fischer visit your school?

Fee for school visit - $1800

What does this fee include?

A complete set of Lauren Grabois Fischer’s eight books to be donated to the school library

Book reading by the author followed by a Q&A session

Interactive project that can be showcased after the author event has ended

Lesson and discussion with students about kindness, respect, acceptance and self love

Will students be able to purchase autographed copies of Lauren’s books?

Yes. Parents and students are able to visit website to place their book orders. By purchasing through the school order form, your child has the opportunity to receive a personalized signed book. This priceless opportunity is only available through a school event. 

On the day of the author visit, Lauren will come with each signed book organized by grade level and/or classroom. On that day, your child will be able to take home their new favorite books and treasure them forever. 

What type of payments does Lauren Grabois Fischer accept?

All credit card payments will be received through the digital order form via the website.

What grades are the books appropriate for?

Both hardcover and paperback books are available.  Description below.

Both types of books are geared for children preschool and elementary grade levels and include bonus pages. Within every book you will find Discussion Pages to guide positive conversations and Activity Pages to create more light. Each book holds an important lesson, simplified for every child to digest and learn.

Paperback Available for children newborn - 9 years young. An 8.5” by 8.5”, lightweight, softcover book that fits easily into your child’s backpack so they can share their new favorite book with a friend.

Hardcover Available for children newborn - 9 years young.  An 8.5” by 8.5” hardcover book.  A book your children will enjoy for years and years and a treasure to have for the rest of your life and generations to come.