You Are The Change

You Are The Change

If we sit back and wait, nothing will get done. It is so important that as parents and educators, we prioritize teaching our children and students that they have the power to make a change. 

How can we empower our children to contribute in a positive way?

We can be the example: We can inspire them by modeling the desired behaviors. We can volunteer in our community and donate items others less fortunate may need. We can use our manners and be courteous. When they see us doing it... they will want to do it too. We can be kind to animals. We can be welcoming to people who are different than us. We can talk openly about things that need to change to create a brighter future. We can come up with solutions together and empower our children to think. 

Imagine how different our future can look if we empower our children to think for themselves and to create the change they dream of. To truly create the world they wish to see.  Just imagine.

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