Woo Hoo ... We launched our new website

Woo Hoo ... We launched our new website

After months of hard work and designing ...

Lauren Grabois Fischer & The Be Books are excited to launch its new site!  

It is really important to me that parents, teachers, and all children have a place to go to that they can rely on quality material and resources. My website is always a work in progress.  Just as I believe that I am always growing and learning throughout life, I want my website to represent the same thing. I will always be looking for ways to improve and update the content to help create a kinder and more accepting world. 

Please enjoy the FREE coloring page downloads. I know that when you COLOR OUR WORLD, it will get so much brighter and positive.  

Please enjoy the STORY TIME videos. I have some incredible influencers out there who truly believe in the messages of my books... and for that I wanted to share their videos with you as well.  I recommend that you follow these three accounts on Instagram as they are doing wonderful things in the literature community.

Shout out to @storyteller_kay  @storytimewithmrlimata  and @moomifamily 

In the coming month, you will see many updates to the site.  Please enjoy the Activity Pages that will be uploaded soon. I am working on creating FREE and INSPIRING content for you to enjoy. 

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the LOVE and SUPPORT.

Always here to answer any questions. 

With light, love, and gratitude, 

Lauren Grabois Fischer

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