Which Book Should I Pick?!

Which Book Should I Pick?!

Picking the right picture book can be hard. There are SO many great books to choose from. When you visit The Be Books site, you will find the entire collection includes 8 incredible books!

Which should you pick?

I may be a bit biased... but I think you should collect all 8 books from The Be Books collection. But... if you are looking for a book... or two... or three... or more.... let me explain each book briefly and the benefits of them.

The Collection:  (all books great for children birth to 8 years old)

Be Who You Were Meant To Be - An excellent, bilingual, rhyming book that will empower your child to be proud of who they are. A great graduation gift for a kindergarten student or preschool student! 

You Are A Superhero - Kids love superheroes! We all do! But how empowering is it to know that you are a real superhero when you make kind choices, are respectful, and take care of the world? The main character in this book is a girl.

Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots - Best book on diversity without speaking of difficult topics with our children. This book is about animals that are different than expected of them. For example... a turtle who runs marathons; a peacock with no feathers at all, and a cow who gives lemonade. This book is SUPER POPULAR among preschools and kindergarten and first grade classes worldwide.  

Love Grows Love - A simple yet deep book that truly explains how energy works and how our actions can create what we see in the world. This book discusses both the positives and negatives that we have the ability to create. When we discuss this, we realize the power we have and how we can make a positive difference. 

The Light Within Me - We all have a light inside us that can make someone's day brighter and can make the world a brighter place. This book will inspire you to share your light and positive energy with others and with the world. A beautiful gift for all children of all ages to remind them that they are here for a reason. 

LIFE - The perfect gift for a grandparent or great grandparent. This is a beautiful story of a great grandpa and his great grandson as they discover the truth about life. As one reviewer said, "This book is deeper than the ocean." 

The Zoo's Big News - A baby zebra is born at the zoo. But when his mother sees him, she is very surprised. Instead of black and white stripes, he is born with a rainbow of dots. This is a beautiful story of acceptance and diversity. We realize the being different is what makes each of us so special and unique. This book has been a hit within the LGBTQ+ community as that beautiful rainbow spotted zebra truly represents the beauty within us all.  This book has also been a smashing hit among both the Autism Community and Down syndrome Community. 

The ABC's to a Mindful Life - We all love our ABC's. Well this book will have you smiling and dreaming about the beauty of the world. Learning how to live mindfully with this wonderfully illustrated and positively delightful book. 

Okay... now what are you waiting for?!  Go get yourself your copies of your favorite books!

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