Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Setting daily goals for yourself is a wonderful way to focus on gratitude and mindfulness. We often find ourselves rushing through the day to day. But really focusing on mindfulness allows us to be in the moment that we are currently in. To really enjoy every aspect of what we are currently facing and to make us aware of our actions and our words.

How often have you driven home not remembering even driving the car? How often have you showered and thought of what you were making for dinner and didn’t enjoy what you were actually doing? How often have you watched a movie with your children and although you were there physically, your mind was at work and planning your next assignment? These are all examples of our day to day habits that we have created. Most of us are not in THE MOMENT that our physical bodies are in.

What can we do to change that? Well, there are a few suggestions that I would recommend that you do.

1. Start a gratitude journal. Write in it every day. Write 1-10 things that you are grateful for on that day. They can be little things or big things.

2. When you are doing something, DO THAT SOMETHING. When a thought wanders in, let it go. If it is important, it will come back to you. If that is too hard, find a way to write down the idea or voice record it onto your phone. Little by little, you won’t need to write it down and you will trust that the thought WILL come back. And it will, if it was important.

3. Look for things that make you happy. It can be a bike ride with your children. It can be reading together. It can be watching a movie together as a family. Maybe you like to sing. Start singing! If you love to dance, throw a dance party in your kitchen with your family. Play games. Make sure to laugh every single day. And yes, find ways to BE HAPPY.

4. One of the most important things that we can do is speak kindly to ourselves. We often have our inner critic blasting judgments in our head. We speak unkindly to ourselves and judge superficial aspects of our lives. The words, “I am” are VERY powerful words. Whatever follows those two words … your mind will believe. Make sure that you are using your words wisely and kindly. For example - I am kind. I am healthy. I am strong. I am beautiful just as I am. I am creative. I am peace.

5. Speak kind words to others. Make sure that you are contributing to the good in the world. It will fill your soul with fuel to live and will create a purpose for you each and every day.

You’ve got this! I believe in you!

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