Our 2nd Book Is Here!

Our 2nd Book Is Here!

Book #2 is here! 

Are you looking for the perfect book to empower your child to be kind and accepting?


Look no further!  This is the book for you!  Your child's self esteem will grow as they learn to speak kind affirmations to themselves and to the world.  When we provide our children with social emotional learning books, we are helping them become the greatest version of themselves.


DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE A REAL SUPERHERO!?!?  A real superhero is someone that makes kind choices, is respectful to themselves and others, and adds positivity to the world around them.  


You Are A Superhero is a wonderful book that inspires its young readers to go out and make a positive change in this world.  It reminds you to recycle, use kind words and kind actions, and be the best YOU that you can be.  If you treat others with respect and love... You are a REAL superhero!

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