Let's Be Real ....

Let's Be Real ....

Let’s be real. It is not always sunshine, hearts, and rainbows. There are days that are tougher than others. There are challenges we are forced to face. But if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s how we choose to get through it that matters.

I’ve learned it’s OK to sit in those emotions and feel them. To feel sorry for yourself if something upsetting happened. But I’ve also learned that we need to put a time limit on those emotions. We need to get up and really look around at all the beauty that surrounds us. We need to stop and think about everything that we have to be grateful for.

Someone I know came up to me once and said, “I see your social media. I see all your books. Life is not always so perfect. You will be in a shock to see what the real world is about.” I remember stopping to think about her words. Little did she know of the loss I had experienced and the trauma I had gone through. Little did she know that I am human just like her and I have ups and downs too. I remember leaving there feeling sorry for her that she thought anybody’s life was all perfect.

It’s easy to think that everyone is living these wonderful beautiful lives because of what their social media shows. But we have to remember that we are ALL human. And part of being human is having to go through both beautiful times and difficult times.

Why do I choose to write about spreading positivity and light? Because I know in my heart that if we focus on the good, more good will be created. I also know in my heart that every single human being deserves love and respect. I want to encourage children to be accepting of others and to be accepting and loving to themselves.

There will be hard days. There will be incredibly amazing days. Life is all about balance. Remember that.  Nothing lasts forever. Each wave in the ocean is followed by another wave behind it. Some waves will be soft and gentle while other waves will hit us pretty hard. We have to learn to ride the waves. Remember, you can do anything. You’ve got this.

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