Let Your Attitude Be Gratitude

Let Your Attitude Be Gratitude

We are living through such uncertain times. It is very easy to get carried away with negative thinking and allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed by everything. Now more than ever, we need to really focus on the beauty that surrounds us and the positivity within us. 

There are so many factors contributing to our mental and emotional health. Social media consumes most of our days. The news updates us on matters of the world including Covid and politics. Our personal lives are being affected by Covid as we each know someone who has had it, has it, or lost their life from having it. 

How can we find calm during a storm? How can we find stillness when the waves keep coming? 

Gratitude can be that calm. Our minds, as powerful as they are, can only focus on one thought at a time. When we intentionally focus on what is going right, more will go right. But how can we apply "Gratitude" into our every day lives.

1. Creating a gratitude list each day is such a powerful tool in calming the mind and body. When our minds are calm, our bodies are more relaxed and in turn healthier. 

2. Speaking positive mantras such as "I am healthy. I am okay." into our reflections in the mirror is extremely helpful and motivating. Most of us take care of others but somehow forget to care for ourselves.  It is so important that we care for our spiritual and emotional sides as well as our physical bodies. 

3. Exercise is such a beautiful way to say thank you to your body. Raising your heart rate is beneficial to your body in so many ways. Your mind becomes clearer, your body stays healthy, and you feel better overall. 

So remember ... Let your attitude be gratitude.

With light and love always,

Lauren Grabois Fischer

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