July Newsletter

July Newsletter

School / Author Visit

We are on summer vacation. I am using this summer to work on the five paperback books. I want them all ready for you when you begin your new school year. As of today, “You Are A Superhero,” “Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots,” and “The Light Within Me” are all up LIVE on AMAZON PRIME. Get your copies today!!! Within the next week or so, “Love Grows Love” and “Be Who You Were Meant To Be” will be up live as well.

Summer Vacation is Coming to an End

Summer vacation is coming close to an end. Make sure to finish off the summer with your very own set of The Be Books. This month has definitely been a crazy good month! The Light Within Me was published! And Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots and You Are A Superhero both went live on AMAZON Prime! I have been very busy in hopes that you can start out the new school year with a backpack full of wonderful, empowering, colorful, kind, loving and accepting books. If you are not already following me on social media, find me on Instagram and Facebook. @TheBeBooks

Currently Scheduling Fall Author Visits!

I am currently scheduling my fall author visits. If you or someone that you know would love to have me come visit your child’s camp or school, please email me: lauren@thebebooks.com.

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