Health: Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual

Health: Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual

Our health is one of the most important things. “Health” includes our emotional health, our physical health, our spiritual health, and our mental health. It is so important to find a balance in order to “feel good” and “be good.”

A wonderful way to relax your mind and spirit is through reading a good book. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you lay down to relax with a book in your hand? Your mind is ready to escape the current situation and run free with creativity. Anything is possible when you open up a book.

I write each of my books with the intention of helping someone else. I want to empower and inspire children to make a positive difference in this world. I want every child to know that they are beautiful, just as they are. I make sure to write about topics that I want my children to be confident in. I write about kindness and acceptance of others. I write about peace and love. I write about confidence and positivity. I write about gratitude and self-reflection. I write books that remind children to recycle, to speak kindly to others, to use their manners, to love who they are, to share, to use positive mantras, and to be themselves.

SEL : Social Emotional Learning

What is Social Emotional Learning? It is the way that children learn to establish and maintain friendships. It is how a child understands their emotions. It is creating healthy ways for a child to express themselves and set goals for themselves. It is the understanding of empathy and feeling for others. It is being responsible and reliable. It is creating healthy habits. Social Emotional Learning, also known as: SEL, is one of the most important topics that we as parents and educators should be addressing.

One thing that I absolutely LOVE is that my books are used frequently in the classroom and school environment. All of my books are used by many school counselors and teachers around the country. If you are a School counselor, teacher, or principal and you would like to get a set of The Be Books for your school, please contact us. It is so important that we show support for ALL students and offer books that can help with their emotional well-being.

Each of my paperback books include extra pages at the back of the books. These pages are geared for classrooms and homes that want to discuss positive topics and inspire children to be the positive change in their homes and in their world. There are Inspiration/Discussion Pages and Activity Pages. These can be used as lesson plans for teachers or questions for parents. It is a wonderful way to develop the child’s vocabulary and help them to understand that their actions can change their reality.

And remember… you are BEautiful inside and out!

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