Caring During Quarantine

Caring During Quarantine

In March, our lives changed. We were forced to change the way that we were experiencing life. Covid-19 began spreading and many became ill. My family had a personal loss immediately when COVID-19 began. My father-in-law, Laszlo, became ill on March 12th. He lost his battle with Covid on April 5th. My children lost their healthy grandfather suddenly and with almost no warning. My husband lost his father. My mother-in-law (mother-in-love, as we call it) lost her husband of over 50 years. The unimaginable became the reality.

What have we learned during these months in quarantine? Is there a silver lining to it all?

I do believe that this time with our families is a gift. I do believe that slowing down from the hustle of life as we knew it, is a blessing. It has given us an opportunity to just BE. Be a mother. Be a father. Be a child. Be a teacher. Be a … (you fill in the blank). Yes, we still have bills to pay and food to put on the table. We still have jobs and have had to figure out how to “survive” during this time. But that looks different for everyone. And that is okay.

I have learned a lot since March. I have learned to slow down. To be there for my children. To answer questions that they have and to just listen. To have dance parties in the kitchen in our pj’s and sing our hearts out. To watch a lot more tv than I had allowed before and to be flexible and patient with my children, husband, and myself. To read lots of books out loud and have my kids read to me. To not have a plan but to go with whatever happens each day. To teach, and I mean teach, my children at home. To be an actual homeschool parent and set up a classroom in our playroom. To adapt and accept change, for it comes anyway. To deal with loss and sadness and somehow find the good in every moment and everyone. To believe that I am okay and that my family is okay and that good has come out of this.

We have to find a way to be okay during these times. Do what you need to protect yourselves and others. Be selfless during these times. Your actions can affect others. Your actions will affect others. Be smart. Be kind. Be honorable. Be you.

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