‘The Be Books’ by Lauren Grabois Fischer Makes Bilingual Books Fresh and Fun

November 2, 2021

Recently, former teacher Lauren Grabois Fischer has helped bridge this gap through children’s books released by her positivity-driven publishing house The Be Books, launching a successful title, Be Who You Were Meant To Be, available in a dual Spanish and English format.

Grabois Fischer decided to write Be Who You Were Meant To Be in 2015 to promote positive life lessons, with one single volume containing both the English and Spanish versions for easy sharing and cross-cultural learning.

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About The Be Books

Empowering and Inspiring children to be positive, accepting, kind, and loving, through stories that build self-confidence and create an awareness of BEing their best self.

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About the Author

Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. After earning a BA in Elementary Education, she went on to teach Elementary School for nine years. Thanks to her husband’s encouragement, Lauren combined her passion for working with young children and her love for writing and made her dreams a reality by creating, The Be Books.
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