The Zoo's Big News

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Have you ever felt different? This book will remind you why you are perfect just as you are. Be confident and be you! This is the beautiful story of a very special zebra born at the zoo. Follow along as his mom has mixed emotions about her baby having spots instead of stripes. She eventually realizes that his differences are what will make him stand out in the crowds.

THE ZOO’S BIG NEWS • A new baby zebra was born at the zoo, but when his mother saw him she did not know what to do!
Come along as we watch as a mama zebra learns to love her baby’s differences and eventually realizes this his differences are what will make him stand out in the crowds. Does your baby zebra have spots instead of stripes?!?
Have you ever felt different? This book will remind you that
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This book is available in paperback (for children 2 years - 9 years young). Let us work together to make this world a kinder, more accepting, and more respectful place.

This book is available in hardcover (All ages - A treasure to have for the rest of your life and generations to come).  All of my books can be treasured for a lifetime!

Talking about Differences with our Children

Sitting down to talk about differences with your children and students can be a challenging conversation… But it shouldn’t be. My two books, The Zoo’s Big News and Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots, are a gift from me to you to simplify the process. I am trying to provide parents, elementary teachers, preschool teachers, school counselors, and all those reading my books, a simple way to bring light to the beauty of being different. Every single one of us is unique and one of a kind. But why do we judge others when they “look different,” “speak differently,” or “love differently?” Why are people afraid of someone who looks or acts different than them? There is no simple answer to that but I can say that much of the fear comes from not knowing.

This leads me to why I write books that inspire conversations about being different. I want children to ask those questions and I want parents and educators to know how to respond. Children must be told that ALL living creatures deserve respect and love. Children must be told to be kind to everyone and welcoming to everyone. Friends come in all sizes, colors, and shapes.

Parents of children with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs, have thanked me for writing this book. They could relate personally to how the mother zebra felt when she saw her baby for the first time. And they each thanked me for speaking of that fear and showing how the mama zebra learns to realize how special her baby is because of his differences.

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Reading books with Personified Animals

Children love reading books about animals. Animals are a fun and simple way to make a book lighthearted. They are sweet and when personified, they are relatable in a fun way.

Every child loves visiting the zoo. This book includes many of the zoo animals your child loves to go visit. Watch as the other animals observe the baby zebra with spots. The camel, giraffe, monkey, hippo, elephant, parrots, and other wild birds, all gather around to see what the commotion is all about. And the beauty of this story is that each animal welcomes the baby happily. They each realize that true beauty does not lie on the skin. True beauty shines brightly from inside.

“The true beauty lay deep inside
Beauty was not on the skin,
Her baby would grow up
And show his beauty from within.”

the zoo's big news illustration

Fill your bookshelves with books that teach about KINDNESS.

Why should we learn to be kind from a young age?

  • Kindness is one of the most important lessons that we can teach our children. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Be kind to the earth. Be kind to your neighbors. Be kind to your classmates. Be kind to animals.
  • When you focus on kindness and treat others with kindness, it can’t help but grow. My book, “Love Grows Love” says it best, “Kindness grows kindness.”
  • When we have the conversations with our children, we are not assuming that they will be kind and inclusive to all, we are ensuring it. We are leading by example and talking about the important things that need to be talked about. Our children know that kindness is the only option.
  • Kind and respectful children become well-liked, happy, and successful adults.

Fill your bookshelves with books that teach about ACCEPTANCE.

Why should we learn to be accepting of all people from a young age?

  • By teaching our children to be accepting to all, we are creating a world full of kindness and love.
  • Not only do we need to speak about acceptance, we need to show our children through our actions. My book, “Love Grows Love” says it best, “Acceptance grows acceptance.”
  • The conversations about race, religion, gender, and love... they should be discussed in age appropriate ways. But the main thing I will say is that we need to open our children’s eyes to the fact that ALL humans and ALL living creatures need and deserve respect, kindness, and love.
  • One of the most important things that I will say is that when we teach our children that we love everyone and respect everyone, we open up the safe platform for our children to come and speak to us about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. And what more could you want than that?! For me, I want to know that my children feel comfortable talking to me about every feeling and emotion and every fear and concern. And that that relationship remains the same as they get older and grow into themselves.
  • Accepting and friendly children become inclusive, kind, happy, and successful adults.

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Fill your bookshelves with books that teach about GRATITUDE.

Why should we learn to be grateful from a young age?

  • By teaching our children to look at their blessings and to focus on what they have, we are implementing lifelong skills that will help them get through even the most difficult times.
  • When you focus on what you are grateful for, it’s hard to be sad or overwhelmed. Even when we have nothing, we have everything! If you are breathing... you are blessed.
  • Gratitude is an attitude. Let us empower our children to find the good always and to see the glass half full.
  • Empowered and grateful children become kind, happy, and successful adults.

The Be Books

The Be Books teach children to BE

📚 positive
📚 kind
📚 accepting
📚 respectful
📚 grateful
📚 mindful

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  1. I was sooo excited to see this book!!! Best books for children, the little one loves the book and reads it all the time. The story about zoo animals is wonderfully simple, but it takes readers on an exciting adventure! The children's book illustrations are bright and colourful, and keep us wanting to flick through it again and again. Quality must-have books and fast, efficient delivery! Very pleased with my purchases. The Be Books also have best books for children. Love it❤️

  2. Even before I opened my parcel I was in love with the package, it is so cute. As is the lovely book Zoo's Big News. Glossy lovely pages I know our little ones will love them. Can't wait to gift this at Christmas for my son and his friend from me and his mum. They have a special offer of 6 books at a reasonable price but probably next time.

  3. Such sweet books and really excellent service. I rarely ever leave reviews but I've been so impressed with the Be Books that I felt it important to do so. Quality paper and bright pages as well. I think Zoo's Big News is one of the best book for children from 3 to 7.

  4. Wonderful books for kids, great quality soft backs and dreamy stories. Will be adding to our collection in the future, no doubt about it! Also loving the language option as the multilingual family we are!

  5. Holiday books for kids were delivered timely and done beautifully. Great customer service and great quality books for kids.The story is nice and I love how you can make a lovely message! The paper quality is fantastic and the use of colours was brilliant. I absolutely loved receiving this Christmas gift set for my two nephews!❤️ This is so special! Thank you Lauren Grabois Fisher - send you much love!

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Really amazing book with an amazing message!
"Absolutely beautiful book with a beautiful message. The illustrations are colorful and interesting and my children enjoy reading it over and over again."

Samanatha H.

A Must-Have Children's Book!
"An incredibly positive and empowering message for children which left me wondering why more kids books aren't as amazing as the Be Books! I had to get the entire collection for my kids."

Jocelyn S.

Amazing, every night read!!
"This book is amazing. I read It with my daughter nearly every night. It’s short and sweet and has a brilliant message. The illustrations a bright and captivating !!! LOVE Lauren Grabois Fischer books!!!"

Melanie M.

"Lauren has done it again, with an inclusive book that truly makes everyone feel like a superhero. If you are in need of a fresh new story, this is the one for you!"

Kelsey S.

Inclusive for all kids
"This is such a beautiful book for your child or to give as a gift. I'm so in love with the story that I'm going to buy all this author has written. Makes a lovely baby shower gift!"

Naomi B.

Your kids will love this book and so will YOU!
"These are the BEST kiddo books!!! My kids are obsessed with the illustrations and the story and I'm obsessed with the positive messages the books deliver."

Candy R.

About the Author

Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. After earning a BA in Elementary Education, she went on to teach Elementary School for nine years. Thanks to her husband’s encouragement, Lauren combined her passion for working with young children and her love for writing and made her dreams a reality by creating, The Be Books.
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