The Light Within Me

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The Light Within Me is an inspirational book that empowers children to find the light within themselves and use that light to make a positive change in this world. Through kindness and acceptance, we can make this world a more peaceful place. We all have that special power within and it is up to us to use it for the good.

light within meThis book is a breath of fresh air for the world that we live in today. It is important that we teach our children that although there may be difficult times, we must find the light within us all and use that to heal the world and ourselves.

A wonderful book to create an awareness of light, positivity, gratitude, and mindfulness. Used by yogi's, educators, and parents around the world.

This book is available in board book (for children birth - 3 years young). Our board books make wonderful baby shower and new baby gifts! They are also wildly popular in preschools around the world and toddlers are absolutely loving this book!

page cover the lightThis book is available in paperback (for children 4 years - 9 years young). The benefit to purchasing a paperback book is that they include additional work pages at the back of the book. As a teacher and mom myself, I feel that providing my readers with Activity Pages and Inspiration/Discussion Pages is a beneficial way to inspire positive conversations in homes and schools around the world. Let us work together to make this world a kinder, more accepting, and more respectful place.

This book is available in hardcover (All ages - A treasure to have for the rest of your life and generations to come). The benefit to purchasing a hardcover book is that you receive all of the benefits of a paperback book but instead of a paperback cover you get a sturdy hardcover. All of my books can be treasured for a lifetime!


All of my books can be treasured for a lifetime!

Let’s work together to build a world full of light, positivity, respect, laughter, and love. Everyone is capable of learning how to be positive, accepting, and kind. Join the thousands of fans who love to have fun, and are empowering their children with The Be Books collection.

A few words from the author Lauren Grabois Fischer.

lauren the lightIn my book The Light Within Me, children learn about the power that they have within to heal themselves and the world. From a young age, we must teach our children and students that we have choices over our actions, words that we speak, and even things that we choose to think of. We cannot fully control our thoughts, but we can control what we choose to put our focus and energy on. Every person has the challenge of learning whether to focus on the positive or the negative. It is very easy to see the pain and hurt in the world, but it is also just as easy to focus on the love and beauty around us. When enough of us work on seeing the good and being the kindness and light in the world, we will see a dramatic shift in positivity in our news and in our daily lives. Teach your children. Empower your children. Inspire your children. They are our future. They are the ones that will make this world a better place.

This book has been welcomed and loved by all and I feel blessed to be helping children see the light inside of themselves. I know that our future is brighter because of the knowledge and understanding that we are providing to our children in this generation. Through the bright illustrations, children are enjoying this book and do not even realize the depth that they are gaining. Little do they know that they are learning lifelong lessons of gratitude, positivity, kindness, and respect. As a teacher and mom, I believe in motivating children to be the best versions of themselves. But as parents and educators, we must guide them in the right direction and provide them with the tools to succeed.

world Light up
Why is it a good idea for children to read about positivity and kindness?

There are many benefits to reading a book about positivity when you are young. Gaining that understanding as a young mind helps promote an early sense of self awareness and can create a world full of self aware individuals. When you have people who think before they speak, and pause before they act; you have considerate people; you have kind people; you have respectful people. This alone makes this book a must-have addition to every little learner's library.

characters multi

The characters in the The Light Within Me book for children are all “different” just as the world is. You will always see a diverse range of children from all multicultural backgrounds. This makes the book an easy thing to connect with for all children. I want every child to be able to open up one of my books and find a character that they can relate to and connect with. I remember as a child feeling special when I saw myself in a book; when I saw a child that had curly hair like me.

Have you ever met a child who did not have questions about how things were made and where they come from? Be there to support their curiosity and guide them towards peace, love, and kindness. The Light Within Me is a wonderful way to start a conversation about self-confidence, positivity, and gratitude. As parents and educators, we must provide our children and students with tools that teach valuable lessons that they can take with them as they grow up. We must teach them to be kind and thoughtful people and to have empathy for themselves and others. This book will help guide those conversations and inspire your children to ask those questions that can help them change the world.

When you add The Light Within Me to your child’s book shelf, you are ensuring a memorable experience that your child will hold with them forever. Lauren Grabois Fischer puts her heart and soul into every single book that she writes. You will love having this bright and colorful, kind and thoughtful book on your bookshelf. Don’t take our word for it.

Read the reviews below to see what others are saying about this book and the whole collection of The Be Books.

"The Light Within Me" will inspire your inner light to shine brightly. We each have a beautiful gift that we can share with the world. Use your powers and positivity to make this world a more illuminated and brilliant place.

The Light Within Me Customer Review:

5 comments on “The Light Within Me”

  1. Another amazing book from The Be Books
    I'm such a fan of Lauren Fischer's books and was so excited to see that she released a new book. This is the first of her series that is not a board book. I think this was a great move because it works for younger children in addition to elementary school kids. All of her books have such a positive and uplifting message and this one is no exception. My kids loved it as much as I did!

  2. Great book, my kids loved it and I love how she had questions at the end of the book which got my kids more involved!!
    Love the message!!
    Definitely going to buy more of her books

  3. kindness maks the world a better place.
    Such a sweet story that empowers children to know they can make a difference. Children can make this world a better place by being kind to others and sharing good vibes. I have purchased this book for my kids, for other peoples kids and as a baby shower gift.

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Really amazing book with an amazing message!
"Absolutely beautiful book with a beautiful message. The illustrations are colorful and interesting and my children enjoy reading it over and over again."

Samanatha H.

A Must-Have Children's Book!
"An incredibly positive and empowering message for children which left me wondering why more kids books aren't as amazing as the Be Books! I had to get the entire collection for my kids."

Jocelyn S.

Amazing, every night read!!
"This book is amazing. I read It with my daughter nearly every night. It’s short and sweet and has a brilliant message. The illustrations a bright and captivating !!! LOVE Lauren Grabois Fischer books!!!"

Melanie M.

"Lauren has done it again, with an inclusive book that truly makes everyone feel like a superhero. If you are in need of a fresh new story, this is the one for you!"

Kelsey S.

Inclusive for all kids
"This is such a beautiful book for your child or to give as a gift. I'm so in love with the story that I'm going to buy all this author has written. Makes a lovely baby shower gift!"

Naomi B.

Your kids will love this book and so will YOU!
"These are the BEST kiddo books!!! My kids are obsessed with the illustrations and the story and I'm obsessed with the positive messages the books deliver."

Candy R.

About the Author

Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. After earning a BA in Elementary Education, she went on to teach Elementary School for nine years. Thanks to her husband’s encouragement, Lauren combined her passion for working with young children and her love for writing and made her dreams a reality by creating, The Be Books.
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