Love Grows Love

Paperback: $12.00
Board Book: $15.00
Hardcover: $19.99

The flowers growing in this garden reflect the emotions of the one planting and feeding them. We get what we give. "Love Grows Love" is a simple reminder that what we extend to others, others give us in return. The world is a reflection of our actions, thoughts and beliefs.

A beautiful way to explain emotions to a child. A simple and deep book for the whole family.

Love grows love. Fear grows fear. Acceptance grows acceptance. Anger grows anger. Kindness grows kindness. What will you grow?

This book is available in board book (for children birth - 3 years young). Our board books make wonderful baby shower and new baby gifts! They are also wildly popular in preschools around the world and toddlers are absolutely loving this book!

This book is available in paperback (for children 4 years - 9 years young). The benefit to purchasing a paperback book is that they include additional work pages at the back of the book. As a teacher and mom myself, I feel that providing my readers with Activity Pages and Inspiration/Discussion Pages is a beneficial way to inspire positive conversations in homes and schools around the world. Let us work together to make this world a kinder, more accepting, and more respectful place.

This book is available in hardcover (All ages - A treasure to have for the rest of your life and generations to come). The benefit to purchasing a hardcover book is that you receive all of the benefits of a paperback book but instead of a paperback cover you get a sturdy hardcover. All of my books can be treasured for a lifetime!

Love Grows Love Customer Review:

5 comments on “Love Grows Love”

  1. Spread Love not Hate!
    Lauren Grabois Fischer did a wonderful job spreading the power of love and kindness to the reader. Which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book so much! Though this is an easy read, so many lesson can be taught with this book as tool. With the simple words and repetition through out, this books is perfect for your beginner reader! If you are think about getting the book, please do! Its is so worth it!

  2. Love the title
    I love reading this book to my kids because it teaches them not only that Love grows love but other act can do the same so therefore it is important to be positive and to extend kindness to everyone you meet. We may not be able to control every situation but we can try.

Board Book vs. Paperback - How do I know which one to buy?

When should I purchase a board book?
The Be Books offers board books for our very young readers. The durability of these books will last a lifetime when treated with love and care; as every book should be treated. These books are directed for children ages birth to four years young, as they can be read daily and your child can be rough and tough when turning the pages. The concepts within the books are geared for children ages infant to ten years young. If you are looking for a gift or book for a baby or toddlerโ€ฆ this is your best bet!
When should I purchase a PAPERBACK?
The Be Books offers paperback books for children and students ages four - ten years young. These books include activity and discussion pages in the back to inspire dialogue and conversation about important topics. It is our hope that through these conversations, we can help create a more positive and kind world. The activity pages included will plant new ideas that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine at home and in the classroom. The more that we talk with our kids, the more their eyes will be opened to see that they can make a difference in this world.
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Really amazing book with an amazing message!
"Absolutely beautiful book with a beautiful message. The illustrations are colorful and interesting and my children enjoy reading it over and over again."

Samanatha H.

A Must-Have Children's Book!
"An incredibly positive and empowering message for children which left me wondering why more kids books aren't as amazing as the Be Books! I had to get the entire collection for my kids."

Jocelyn S.

Amazing, every night read!!
"This book is amazing. I read It with my daughter nearly every night. Itโ€™s short and sweet and has a brilliant message. The illustrations a bright and captivating !!! LOVE Lauren Grabois Fischer books!!!"

Melanie M.

"Lauren has done it again, with an inclusive book that truly makes everyone feel like a superhero. If you are in need of a fresh new story, this is the one for you!"

Kelsey S.

Inclusive for all kids
"This is such a beautiful book for your child or to give as a gift. I'm so in love with the story that I'm going to buy all this author has written. Makes a lovely baby shower gift!"

Naomi B.

Your kids will love this book and so will YOU!
"These are the BEST kiddo books!!! My kids are obsessed with the illustrations and the story and I'm obsessed with the positive messages the books deliver."

Candy R.

About the Author

Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. After earning a BA in Elementary Education, she went on to teach Elementary School for nine years. Thanks to her husbandโ€™s encouragement, Lauren combined her passion for working with young children and her love for writing and made her dreams a reality by creating, The Be Books.
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