Board Book Collection

Be Who You Were Meant to Be
Every So Often a Zebra Has Spots
You Are A Superhero
Love Grows Love
The Light within Me

Paperback Collection

Be Who You Were Meant to Be
Every So Often a Zebra Has Spots
You Are A Superhero
Love Grows Love
The Light within Me

Are you looking for a book to gift your children for the holidays? The most magical holiday season of the year is here. Everyone is looking for the perfect present to get their child, niece or nephew, grandchild, friend, or students. As parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and teachers, the pressure to buy the perfect present is always there. Look no further! Here you can find the perfect present for a boy or a girl! What can be better than an inspirational book?
holiday books for kids
Whether you're looking for the best stocking fillers or gifts to wrap and give, these will be treasures to enjoy forever. The Be Books has everything you need! From educational and empowering stories, to funny pictures that will promote positive conversations, to inspiring your child to be the light in the world, The Be Books has it all.

Our board books are the perfect holiday baby book set and toddler gift. Our paperback and hardcovers are the perfect books gifts for children 4 - 9 years. Want to inspire your kindergartener, 1st grader, 2nd grader, or 3rd grader? This book collection will INSPIRE them and help them become the best versions of themselves. Let this holiday be the beginning of conversations in your home about kindness, acceptance, and love. Let’s end 2020 with books that will ensure that 2021 starts out with positive vibes and grateful hearts. This is the perfect opportunity to begin decorating your kids room and your classroom with bookshelves full of light, love, and positivity.

Lauren Grabois Fisher, the author behind The Be Books, knows how important reading is and how an inspiring book can really make a huge difference. The Be Books were created to empower children to love who they are and respect all living beings.

books for Christmas Our children’s holiday book bundle is a unique educational set. It is so important to focus on our children’s Social Emotional health. These books will allow for deeper conversations and will guide your children to speak kindly towards themselves and others.
Our holiday book collection is made to encourage children to show each other more kindness. Kindness is often a topic that is not discussed. We focus on academics and getting good grades but so often we forget to focus on our actions and words and the effects they can have on the world. This book collection is educational because it brings up topics that need to be discussed in our homes and classrooms. By working on ourselves, we can create a world full of self-aware individuals who care for others. What makes our holiday set of books special? It discusses a great diversity of issues and gently explains through bright and fun pictures, deep thoughts in a simplistic and beautiful way.

Our holiday bundle unites all of our books together to make an incredible package of the best books that will improve social skills, help with self-esteem, inspire children to create, empower children to be positive and grateful, and in turn, create a kinder and more accepting world. The world is a reflection of our actions, thoughts and beliefs.
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With the picture book “The Light Within Me” you can learn how to spread your light to others and make a positive change in this world. The book “You Are a Superhero” teaches children that a real superhero is someone who makes kind choices and respects our world. Our incredible multicultural children's book - “Be Who You Were Meant to Be” reminds children to be true to themselves, reach for the stars, dream big, and respect others. “Love Grows Love" reveals a secret that the emotion you plant will be returned back to you. The book “Life” is not only a book for children but for grown-ups to remind them to live life with meaning and enjoy the journey to the fullest. “Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots” is the perfect book to begin talking about differences and how being true to yourself is the most important thing. We are all different because we were meant to be that way and we are all beautiful because of it.

The paperback collection of The Be Books include wonderful activities and conversation starters to do with your family in the back pages of each book. These activities will inspire you and your children to grow love and kindness in your community and in your home. Let’s make this holiday season one to remember forever. And let us begin the new year with positive energy, kind words, happy smiles, grateful hearts, and full bookshelves.

Holiday Book Bundle Customer Review:

I was so much surprised when I received my order in 3 days!!! So fast. Pages of holiday books always give a cozy festive mood, full of magic and miracles! Books for kids by Lauren Grabois Fisher is an additional pleasant story: educative, colorful and simply written! Illustrations are breathtaking! We liked the whole holiday bundle of books for children! Thank you for making our day happier!!!

My daughter likes the book very much. Happy to read all the books in this series, especially about zebra. The font is convenient for children 6-8 years old, and I also like the illustrations.

The child is delighted and looks through the whole bundle of holiday books almost every day. Good children's stories. The quality of the pages is excellent. Thank you for your hard work and timely delivery.

The book is super! It is very easy to read in one breath. A child (almost 7 years old) reads books for kids by this author very willingly. The font is large, the illustrations are catchy, cute, and touching.

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Really amazing book with an amazing message!
"Absolutely beautiful book with a beautiful message. The illustrations are colorful and interesting and my children enjoy reading it over and over again."

Samanatha H.

A Must-Have Children's Book!
"An incredibly positive and empowering message for children which left me wondering why more kids books aren't as amazing as the Be Books! I had to get the entire collection for my kids."

Jocelyn S.

Amazing, every night read!!
"This book is amazing. I read It with my daughter nearly every night. It’s short and sweet and has a brilliant message. The illustrations a bright and captivating !!! LOVE Lauren Grabois Fischer books!!!"

Melanie M.

"Lauren has done it again, with an inclusive book that truly makes everyone feel like a superhero. If you are in need of a fresh new story, this is the one for you!"

Kelsey S.

Inclusive for all kids
"This is such a beautiful book for your child or to give as a gift. I'm so in love with the story that I'm going to buy all this author has written. Makes a lovely baby shower gift!"

Naomi B.

Your kids will love this book and so will YOU!
"These are the BEST kiddo books!!! My kids are obsessed with the illustrations and the story and I'm obsessed with the positive messages the books deliver."

Candy R.

About the Author

Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. After earning a BA in Elementary Education, she went on to teach Elementary School for nine years. Thanks to her husband’s encouragement, Lauren combined her passion for working with young children and her love for writing and made her dreams a reality by creating, The Be Books.
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