Birthday Party


Let’s help make your party an UNFORGETABLE event! Instead of giving out the traditional “goody bag” that gets thrown away, give something that will be TREASURED for a LIFETIME. How about a SIGNED and PERSONALIZED BOOK for each friend of the birthday child? Wow! That’s a fabulous idea!

Step 1: Choose one of the four books that you would like to be given out as your party favor.

Step 2: Decide how many children will be attending your event. This will determine the discount price that you receive for your book purchase.

Step 3: Have fun! All of your friends will be talking about their party favors! And the best part is that everyone will have an EMPOWERING and POSITIVE book to read that night.

Love Grows Love

What you put out into the world is what comes back to you in return. Grow love. Grow peace. Grow happiness. Grow laughter.

by Lauren Grabois Fischer

$14.95 Buy

Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots

Being different is cool! Stand out and show the world just how special and unique you really are.

by Lauren Grabois Fischer

$14.95 Buy

You Are A Superhero

A real superhero is someone that makes kind choices and takes care of themselves, others and the world.

by Lauren Grabois Fischer

$14.95 Buy

Be Who You Were Meant To Be

A bilingual book (both English and Spanish) that tells you to be proud of who you are.

by Lauren Grabois Fischer

$12.95 Buy

Purchase 10-20 copies of the same book and receive 10% off purchase price. (please have link to buy books, each books separate with a quantity box and then discount amount as the quantities go over 10 books, then 21, then 31 for each of below)

Purchase 21-30 copies of the same book and receive 15% off purchase price.

Purchase 31 + copies of the same book and receive 20% off purchase price.