About Us

Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren Grabois Fischer is the founder of The Be Books. The Be Books is a publishing company that believes in empowering and educating our youth to be proud of who they are and to live a positive and peaceful life. From a very young age, Lauren dreamed of becoming a children’s book author. As soon as she was able to lift a pencil and a crayon, she began writing poetry, short stories and drawing illustrations to all of her work. Throughout her childhood, she continued to write, imagine and create. Lauren graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. She taught for a total of nine wonderful years, six of them in Arizona and three in south Florida; where she currently resides. Her husband always encouraged Lauren to pursue her passion in the arts. Lauren’s two beautiful and sweet children made her realize that it was time to stay home. Being a mom is what Lauren always dreamed of. Reading books to her children and seeing their enthusiasm, encouraged Lauren to finally decide to share her masterpieces with the world. Lauren Grabois Fischer is the author of “Be Who You Were Meant To Be”, a children’s book that speaks of being proud of who you are. Everyone is special and everyone is unique. The world is a brighter place because you are in it. ”You Are A Superhero” shows that a true superhero is someone who is respectful, kind, loving and takes care of themselves and others. “Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots” shows that being different is what makes us each so special. “Love Grows Love” is Lauren’s latest masterpiece that shows that what we put out into the world is what comes back to us in return.